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The Style Rebellion was created to provide an outlet for people to turn to when they felt that their individuality could not be understood or expressed anywhere else. 

As a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology, I constantly see new trends and outrageous fashion arrangements worn by my fellow peers. These bold styles, by my fashion peers, are worn with such confidence that it has allowed me to not only let go creatively but also emotionally in being able to fully express myself. In channeling these emotions, it became the influence behind the Style Rebellion. I wanted everyone to experience these same life-altering feelings of being able to finally grasp hold one’s own reigns, and steer a life led wholeheartedly by just being YOU.

Since youth, I have struggled with a lack of self-confidence, but through acceptance and letting go I have come very far from that timid place I was at before. I now can bask in the openness of learning to love myself each day, and the skin I walk in with utter confidence.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore life organically, and become the rebellion that lives each day to its fullest. 

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