In the key word “Rebellion,” it is meant to add strength and uplift those who under social pressures stray away from who they are, and instead conform to what is considered our “societal norms.” My blog is to become a movement with the #RebelReign, and where my #Rebels break free from conformity towards owning their style and rocking a life led through individuality.

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Everyone has their own style and vibe? What is style anyway? Styling is to OWN your life and to find that creative juice brewing inside you…Style is your own personality shining through the way you dress and act? Style is style so embrace it!


Style really isn’t something that can be bought.

I mean sure we all have our share of chic gear, but the true icons and inspirations of our world got there because of how they put the whole look together.

Sooo with that in mind, I’ve zeroed in some timeless tricks to get your style juices flowing:

  1. If you have long sleeves roll them up, or pair with a sweatshirt/sweater to roll the undershirt over. It injects a little cool factor into your looks too. (A button-down might feel too dressed up, but you can change the feel with undone, rolled-up sleeves)
  2. The hemlines of our jeans might just cover up the best part of our outfits — the shoes, of course(GASPPPPP)!! If we didn’t roll them up. Instead of rolling up under the hem for a discreet, “looks like I didn’t cuff them at all” look, do as the editors and insiders do and embrace the roll. The result gives an edgy and cool vibe, which is purrrrrrfect for showing off dem heels girl! Side Note: A single cuff works well with stiffer, straight-leg denim, while a rolled cuff goes well with a baggier, boyfriend jean.
  3. Nothing says “fashion” like a draped jacket over the shoulders. Crazy, but true — it costs nothing and makes your outfit look infinitely more expensive and chic
  4. The easiest way to define a waistline without a belt is knotting your shirt right at the middle. It lends a more creative finish than just tucking in your shirt and adds a playful touch.
  5. With a slew of skinny belts in everyones arsenal, you can transform oversize shirts, tunics, and coats to fit to your frame. It will define your shape and highlight your middle, plus, the belt adds polish to even the most casual ensembles. It may take a minute to throw on, but it looks like a more complete outfit every time.
  6. At this point, there are so many different types of exaggerated sleeves, it’s tough to pick a favorite shape. From pleated bell sleeves to balloon sleeves and ones with loose sashes hanging from the wrist, whichever you choose, the silhouette promises to draw attention to the slimmest part of your figure when you tuck it into your jeans or rock a cropped version


Till next time my Rebels! XOXO


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