Hibernation Season is sooo last year.

IMG_2144Model: Adela Lami 


Hello Rebels!

Winter has been a cold one, ladies. Soon, the brisk winds and mounds of snow will be a distant memory, as we reach for our lighter jackets and hideaway our dreadful parkas(that mask our style and makes us look quite identical to the abominable snowman). But in the meantime, as winter is still upon us, we can re-think about what you want your winter fashion vibes to be. During these frigid times, we all know how our style can become our hibernation period, and instead of wanting to emulate our style we decide to hide it under a thousand different layers. BUT, the time has come my Rebels to strip off each layer upon layer, and replace your look with some new winter trend ideas. Of course, the key to surviving the winter is warmth(duhh) but you still should be able to feel good about what you are wearing.

To help you update your winter style, I’ve rounded up five new trend ideas(with a little help from Vogue) that will make you feel confident and stylish with every strut.

So what’s new this season?



From Left to Right: Sonia Rykiel, Loewe and Joseph

These knits will keep you warm, but still stylish during this cold season. These designers took the Granny vibe out of knits and replaced it with a sleek modern twist. The wool is recreated with fringing detail, stretched out, and updated into new creative patterns.


Fur Multi-colored.jpg

From Left to Right: Fendi, Mui Mui, Prada

This trend is one of my faves! It provides you with extra warmth for the days where you just want to feel snug and these bright pops of color makes you become the eccentric Queen you always wanted to be!



From Left to Right: Luisa Beccaria A/W 16-17, Opening Ceremony A/W 16-17, 3.1 Philip Lim A/W 16-17

Velvet has been an un-going trend for generations. You know, every 80’s/90’s movie featuring the velvet jogger tracksuit, or shows like The Sopranos which attached the tracksuit to mafia culture…but this image is slowly diminishing. Velvet has become so popular that it’s being incorporated into many apparel pieces, and trust me you’re going to want to wear this fabric once the frigid winds hit.



From Left to Right: Sonia Rykiel, Junya Watanabe, and Mulberry

ARE YOU SAYING I CAN WEAR MY BLANKET? whattttttt?! well yes but not exactly. These designers have transformed padding into quilted styles that ooze comfort(like you never left your bed). These new hybrid forms are made from technical materials. It’s like a shawl, parka, and quilted coat mushed together into one beautiful and innovative creation!



From Left to Right: Mui Mui, Chloé, and Sacai

SPORTSWEAR but without the gear. Think of every sport’s fashion and now spice that image up with your own creative seasoning…Yep! do you see the greatness in this new trend? The puffy sports jacket obsession is starting to fade out this winter, but the fashion world is becoming even more intrigued than ever before by athleisure attire. This modern take on retro sportswear paired with multi-colored tracksuits, denim on denim, and cozy fleeces is certainly a trend that everyone should jump on board for! so ALL ABOARD my Rebels this fashion express train is in full throttle!


EXPLORE: Take a further look at these trends visit the bible of fashion-  Vogue

SIDENOTE TO MY REBELS: Another blog will be on the way soon that will provide you with ideas on how to buy these trends without having to break your wallet.






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